15 February 2011

Never forget - H&F Tories tried to pay themselves 18% more while cutting jobs and services

Hammersmith Tories are trumpeting their proposal to freeze councillors' allowances for the third year running. This is the right thing to do but let's remind ourselves of the real reason behind it.

Four years ago, in February 2007, H&F Tories actually voted to give themselves an 18 per cent salary increase. This was at the same time as they were shutting down three local schools, charging for removing garden waste, cutting home care and increasing meals-on-wheels charges to the elderly and sick.

A campaign led by Labour councillors embarrassed the Tories into reversing the increase and they've hardly dared to touch the allowance since then.

The pay freeze is not due to Tory efficiency. It is due to local people's outrage and Tory shame.

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