13 February 2011

Devious H&F Tories show pattern of cowardice and contempt by slipping votes through

A week ago, Hammersmith & Fulham Tories voted to flog off important community buildings. Now a fascinating blog by Labour leader Steve Cowan reveals a pattern in the way they engineered this by restricting questions, not answering those asked and then slipping through a vote when the audience was distracted.

Cllr Cowan says: “Cllr Greenhalgh paused, checked that was all of the Opposition's questions and began to sum up and move to the vote. I interrupted, asking him if he was going to answer any of the questions put by me, my fellow Labour councillors or the audience. He didn’t respond and the vote went through unnoticed by almost everyone in the hall.”

The same happened on 10 January, when the Tories voted to slash Sure Start by £3.2 million and cut funding from nine out of 15 early-years centres. As one attendee then noted, the councillors voted in a split second and started talking about planning regulations as everyone else was still interested in children's services.”

This shows a devious and cowardly pattern of contempt for local people.

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Anonymous said...

I attended the council meeting on the 7th feb - no wonder politicians have a bad name mr greenhalghs tactics were underhand and a disgrace.