28 March 2010

Best in show?

Tory H&F council has just received an award for being best at:

- sacking council employees
- cutting local services
- closing and selling off community facilities
- hiking fees and charges to residents
- selling off estates to developers
- not helping homeless people
- breaking election manifesto promises
- introducing charges for homecare
- devising secret budgets
- scaremongering

Only the Tories would be proud of these ten 'achievements'.


Anonymous said...

Scaremongering? This coming from the Labour group who have told vulnerable and elderly residents that they will be made homeless, have their winter fuel allowance and meals on wheels taken away from them.

Yea. I thought so.

Anonymous said...

So you've never heard Tory warnings that Charing Cross hospital would close and that the 'super sewer' would leave local people homeless?

Anonymous said...

Ah, an independent panel of three, including a union leader, voted H&F council the council of year. The previous administration left £167 million of debt.

Ah, never one to let the truth get in the way of a good story are you.