07 February 2010

H&F Tories give up on Wandsworth ambitions as budget holes grow

As previously reported by hfconwatch, Tory H&F council is planning cuts in services of over £13 million next year and more than £35 million in total over the next three years. (http://hfconwatch.blogspot.com/2010/01/tories-budget-gamble-reveals-cuts.html)

The Tories' budget plans until 2013, to be discussed by their cabinet on Monday this week, show:

- council tax cuts will stop in 2011, with no cut in the following two years (another broken promise), thwarting H&F Tories' ambitions to emulate Wandsworth

- more than £25 million has been identifed as budget 'risks' exposing big holes in the plans over the next three years; the Tories are already raiding reserves as they gamble with the risks

- local residents face increased charges and fees for local services on top of council tax, while the Tories continue to make huge cuts in services

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