24 June 2009

Tories abuse power (again)

He wasn't on the agenda for the AGM of the Cathnor Park Area Action Group on Monday this week, but at the start of the meeting up stood Tory H&F council leader Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh. He proceeded to speak for some 20 minutes on issues like the so-called 'super sewer' and the third runway which also were not on the agenda.

The local ward councillors were only notified of the meeting on Monday afternoon. And they have not been consulted by the council about proposed developments to Cathnor Park which were announced at the meeting.

Perhaps it's not surprising therefore that the secretary of the Cathnor Park Area Action Group will be a local Tory candidate in next year's council elections. Will she now stand down from this residents' group?

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Zebedy said...

I am so surprised at the Con/Lib... no I am not, they have done the same as in Thatchers Day. No wonder Robin Hood springs to mind. Work Hard all your life and Pay all your taxes and get nothing in return, apart from a slap in the face. I saw some old footage of Thatcher giving someone a scroll for being the first person to buy their council house. Well... wasn't that another slap in the face? Then as Conservatives we will hike up the mortgage tax so the people with the scroll/diploma can no longer afford it. Oh.. Yes then reposess it (Bank or Builing Society). Leave them Homeless, they get ill, Tories hike up Prescription charges, Survival of the ones who can pay! Then all the banks and building society's have no money, working class ripped off again, because guess who has to pay again, the working class. Now you want to cut council housing!

I have Just returned as an English National to this Country, to find our own elders in fear of their life, whilst you are supporting immigrants. I have lived in many foreign islam states and abided by their rules why does this government care more about them than THEIR OWN ELDERS and Nationals? this is not the case elsewhere.

Do you Know what I got when I returned to this country? I had paid my taxes for 38 years Nothing!!!! I have paid my taxes paid my National insurance for over 30 years before I left. Worked most of the time when jobs where available. What do I get now? treated like a second class or even worse citizen. Had I been an immigrant or asylum seeker, or islamic I would be in the best of accommodation with a job. Let me tell you this does not happen in their countries.

God Save the the Common Folk and the Queen