09 April 2009

You're all sacked - again!

The Tories are bullying H&F council staff again by threatening to change their job contracts again (see previous hfconwatch blogs).

All 4,500 council staff have been sent a letter telling them they have got until 24 April to sign the new terms and conditions, otherwise staff face the sack later this year.

The council has also brought in a new appraisal system to boost staff morale because no one was doing the appraisals. This was immediately discredited when staff were told that the appraisals would be done because it's part of the senior managers' performance related pay to do so.

Still summer's coming, so we've all got the polo to look forward to.

PS how many H&F council employees are paid more than £100k? H&F council refused to tell the Tories' friends, the Taxpayers' Alliance, in a recent survey answered by virtually every other local authority.

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