29 April 2009

Polo alert No.2

Residents of 22 streets in Fulham are being treated to free tickets for the international polo tournament in Hurlingham Park this June. Some residents can also buy cheaper price tickets too.

Polo is full price for the rest of the borough.


James Malcolm said...

As a 'W12 8' resident I wonder if I can apply for free entry to the grotty funfair on Shepherd's Bush Green next time it rolls into town ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see another 22 streets have been given tickets for the Polo. The council are certainly preparing for this one.

Let's hope they show the same preparation for the crowds that will be around Chelsea after the FA Cup Final and hopefully Champions League Final and not have a repeat of last year's chaos, where, like in 2007, they did not want to spend money for residents to celebrate success in "the people's game".

Or do the council think all those people in Ralph Lauren shirts that fill Fulham Broadway every weekend are really closet Polo fans?