06 December 2008

In the footsteps of Cyril Smith

Better known as the birthplace of Gracie Fields, Rochdale is soon to host the H&F council call centre following a decision by the Tory cabinet.

This may seem strange to most H&F residents who are fed up with talking to their banks' call centres in remote locations. But the decision to re-locate is driven by one reason only - the fact that H&F council's IT supplier has a large operation based at Rochdale council.

That may be fine for Rochdale residents but it's hardly putting H&F residents first. Never mind refuse collection or school holidays or street litter or parking problems, will the new call centre be able to answer enquiries about the forthcoming polo tournament in the borough?


Anonymous said...

This appears to be a dodgy little deal where a PFI company (trading in Rochdale as the Impact Partnership) has to meet it contractural obligations to create some jobs in return for the cash being syphoned from the Rochdale Council budget to pay for this mysterious 'service delivery' company.

No doubt there will be a positive press release up North about it followed by a couple of years of crappy office jobs that will then be moved on to the next sap council that has signed up for a deal with these businessmen.

They have several names. Agilisys? Mochel? Take your pick of a vague noun then add a latin type flourish to it and a vague, arty, logo.
Shiteia, Ripoffem, gullabilitia?

Anonymous said...

300 jobs for Rochdale.


are these 300 jobs real?
are they at the expense of H&F?

where will these jobs go next?

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

Yes, there are lots of shenanighans going on in Rochdale!