17 December 2008

From 'super sewer' to health scare

The Tories are using H&F council's PR and spin operation to scaremonger again.

Not long after residents saw through the Tories' 'super sewer' threats, the council has issued unwarranted warnings about the future of Charing Cross hospital in the latest H&F News.

The Tories have 'form' on the hospital, having claimed it was going to close in the 2005 general election. In 2008 it is of course alive and kicking as 'the largest and busiest hospital in west London'.

That last bit by the way is a recent quote from Tory H&F leader Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh (whose dad works at Charing Cross hospital as he reminds everyone whenever he can). Clearly Cllr Greenhlagh is busy trying to distract residents from the Tory cuts in local council services.

What will be next? Answers please to: hfconwatch@hotmail.co.uk

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