24 November 2008

We are going to give this 100%!

So said Cllr Paul Bristow when he was selected as Conservative candidate for Middlesbrough (see story below).

That will mean a big fat zero per cent for H&F then. So much for putting residents first!


Anonymous said...

putting him greedy self first like the rest of them, the leader is first at the dinner table as we can see

Anonymous said...

100% to Rochdale -0% to Hammersmith and Fulham. Hold on HFConwatch I call that a result. It's a shame we have to keep paying him.
If anything sums up that shameless hanger on it is the digging up of Hurlingham Park to "bring Polo back to the Inner Cities" i.e. he and it are a total waste of space!

Anonymous said...

Should have moved the call centre to Middlesbrough! More people up there willing to work for slave labour!