23 November 2008

Another Tory councillor does a runner

Polo-loving Tory H&F cabinet member Paul Bristow is the latest Conservative councillor to do a runner. Paul has been chosen as the Tory candidate for the Parliamentary constituency of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland.

Unfortunately for H&F residents this north east constituency is a safe Labour seat, so it's probably not the last we will see of Cllr Bristow. But it will mean that he is distracted from defending his marginal council ward of Fulham Reach.

Never backwards in coming forward, Paul strangely doesn't mention his affection for Middlesbrough on the Bristow Blog. No doubt he has told Middlesbrough residents of his love for polo, which is a huge sport in that part of the world.


Anonymous said...

I understand that Paul Bristow has unsucessfully applied for nine seats in total but has had to settle for this relatively safe Labour seat after being rejected by Conservative Associations up and down the country.

He first applied to be a parliamentary candidate two months after getting elected as a councillor in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. It is therefore worth questionning how much time this unsucessful careerist has been able to give his constitents as his interest seems to have been elsewhere.

Paul Bristow is full of ambition but empty on ability. He once appeared in a Channel 4 programme called Westminister Wannabes and made a complete fook of himself. Bristow is just the type of person that gives politics a bad name.

I was at University with him and along with many who came across him, I will not be wishing him well.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Thames Water should wait to see if Bristow goes before going ahead with their super sewer seeing as the b*llsh*t in the Hammersmith area will be dramatically reduced.

As for your other commenter. If they went to university with Bristow and I assume you are not Andrew Johnson, maybe you know Andrew Johnson, is he another one using this borough a finishing school for Tories who want to become MP's. How can Greenhorn put people in positions of importance in this council when he knows they intend to leave or not give it their full attention. The residents of this borough deserve better and so do the people of Middlesborough.

Regarding the previous comment 3rd paragragh, 4th line, is that a spelling mistake and meant to be "fool" or an equally apt description in Middlesborough accent?

Only joking



Anonymous said...

Please, somebody give Jabba the Greenhalgh a safe Tory seat well away from the borough. And soon.

We'd have trouble finding anyone more distastrous for residents, services and staff in LBHF as a replacement.

media scum said...

As someone who lives in the constituency that he will be contesting i look forward to seeing how he copes. The last Tory Boy here went away with his tail between his lgs and i suspect this one will do the same !

Anonymous said...

so what does this mean for Fulham Reach people 100% for this seat = ZERO for Fulham Reach - this is from his conhome comments

Thank you very much everyone for all of your kind words.

I am really excited about contesting this seat. The local association are fantastic. We are going to give this 100%!