24 August 2008

Where the Tory cabinet went on their holidays

After the revelations that David Cameron's real holiday was on a luxury yacht in Turkey (not modelling for Boden in Cornwall), hfconwatch can reveal where the H&F Tory cabinet spent this summer:

Instead of visiting his second home in France, council leader Stephen Greenhalgh went to Beijing as part of his forensic audit of the Mayor of London. He was accompanied by Greg Smith, keen to learn new policing techniques for Hammersmith & Fulham.

Two Cabinet members did make it to France. Mark Loveday returned to Cannes to seek out property developers to take over large swathes of H&F. Meanwhile Antony Lillis brushed up on his French to market more local schools for purchase by the French government.

Elsewhere Lucy Ivimy was invited to India to examine rubbish collection, Frances Stainton stayed in Fulham again, while Nick Botterill took a flight from Heathrow to a secret destination.

Finally Paul Bristow visited most parts of this country in his desperate search for a parliamentary seat.

PS none of them bought the Rough Guide...

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