27 August 2008

Laugh? It makes you want to cry

Heard the one about concreting the toilet? It's the Tories' latest joke on H&F.

Like the Empire and the Bush theatre, Ginglik is a venue which gives Shepherds Bush its edge. Promoting new comedy and music talent, it has a loyal following of over 25,000 members from across London – all from a converted toilet under Shepherds Bush Green.

Now the Tory council plans to spend £50,000 filling Ginglik with concrete – and not even as a piece of performance art.

As part of the almost £4 million of Westfield’s money the council is spending on Shepherds Bush Green, it intends to take away the railings surrounding Ginglik and has decided the roof of its premises is not strong enough. As freeholder the council will not undertake the repairs (it only has £4 million to play with after all), so it wants Ginglik to close next February.

Why do the Tories want to axe this successful venue? But all is not lost as Ginglik owners Colin and Tammi fight to stay open. Since at least 5,000 members are also local voters, they may be in luck. Let's hope the last laugh is for Ginglik.


Anonymous said...

Giglik. Famous as the underground toilet where Wilfrid Brambell was arrested for "cottaging".

The place should have a blue plaque. Shame on the Council.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is, the old Labour Council started shutting down all the bogs in LBHF decades ago and repalacing them with those dreadful "superloos".

We now have a nightclub Shepherds Bush Green, citizens advice Bureau North End Road, a Fitness Centre opposite Cobbs Hall & an Italian Restarant in King St- all former khazis!

Anonymous said...

Bound to cause at least a years delay to long awaited improvements to Shepherds Bush Green as well. Shame on the Council

ming said...

I wonder in idler moments if Wilfrd Brambell would not have welcomed these "superloos". Something for everybody, apparently!