15 May 2008

Who saved our post offices?

Five out of the eight local post offices facing closure have been saved.

This remarkable and unprecedented success story follows a major targeted campaign by Shepherds Bush MP Andy Slaughter working with local residents.

Strangely, several other people claim credit for the victories - including Greg Hands MP who has already disappeared to Chelsea, Cllr Paul Bristow whose best mate Cllr Harry Phibbs spins Tory stories for the Evening Standard, and someone called Shaun Bailey.

Why anyone believes them is a mystery.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Andrew Slaughter was in a league of his own, voting in parliament for the post office closures and then condemning those same closures less than a hour later in a local meeting.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks that Andrew Slaughter had anything to do with saving post offices after voting in Parliament to close them, they need to have their head examining.

How can you claim credit for Kenyon Street when it is in Fulham. Slaughter represents S Bush!

Local residents and the council working as one made this happen.

Jeff said...

He didn't vote to close post offices. He voted against a wilfully ill thought out Tory motion designed to make Labour MPs look like hypocrites.

The motion he voted against would have kept open every post office in the UK without providing any additional government subsidy. It was voted on after Alan Duncan, the Tory spokesperson on the subject, told the Commons that he agreed that the post office network needed to shrink substantially and he refused to give assurances of any future government subsidies.

The Tories are the real hypocrites here. Slaughter's position - that the network needs to shrink nationally but that H&F is getting a bigger kicking than it warrants - is perfectly sensible.

Anonymous said...

It is a perfectly anus position

jeff said...

is that your rebuttal?

ming said...

Where or what is the hansard reference for all of this?

Anonymous said...