26 May 2008

Who leads on housing in H&F?

Further to the recent blog about the sacking of the cabinet member for housing, several new paid posts for Tory councillors are being created at this week's council meeting to tackle the borough's housing crisis.

Cllr Lucy Ivimy becomes cabinet member for housing following the sacking of Cllr Adronie Alford after the poor performance of H&F Homes.

But Cllr Alford is given several new paid roles to compensate - including chair of housing scrutiny and lead member for scrutiny of the H&F Homes ALMO.

In addition Cllr Gavin Donovan is made lead member for liaison with tenants and residents associations to compensate for being sacked as housing scrutiny chair.

So why are three Tory councillors needed to do a job previously done by Cllr Alford? Shouldn't Cllr Ivimy lead on liaison with tenants and residents and the effectiveness of the ALMO?

This promises to create chaos in accountability for improving housing at a critical time following the recent poor inspection which jeopardised substantial investment in decent homes.

PS a footnote for history - council leader Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh has decided to delete the role of 'lead member for recruitment' he awarded himself recently along with a £5k pay rise. Again, a job he should have been doing anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Dear. 3 persons in charge council side.

I thought the ALMO was meant to be an "arms length" organisation?