13 April 2008

French lessons in Sands End

The Du-by-election in Sands End has put the Tory council's cuts into sharp focus.

The ward has seen some of the biggest cuts in the borough, not least the closure of Peterborough primary school after more than a hundred years.

The council has been negotiating with the French government about the Peterborough site being sold off as a school for French citizens.

Sands End is the southern-most ward in Hammersmith et Fromage.


Anonymous said...


Try you tube "Hammersmith Council Cuts Sands End Embarrassment"

for the musical version of what happened at Sands End.

ming said...

Dear Anonymous,

Please take heart. At least the bottled water supply (£36,000) has been cut to pay for these missing councillor.

I'm sure you prefer the missing councillor to the bottled water ... so things are looking sort of up.

Bestest ..

Sacha said...

Oh well, its clear that most people don't take your bitter biased view on the council from the result last Thursday