21 September 2007

Secret leader's speech leaked

hfconwatch can reveal an advance copy of the 'state of the borough' address to be given by H&F council leader Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh at a secret location on Wednesday 26 September.

Cllr Greenhalgh will say: "I want to create a borough of opportunity. Opportunity for those who are fluent in French, for those who can buy a house outright without a mortgage and for those who are under 65.

"To achieve this new vision for our borough, we will be building on the progress we have already made in the last 16 months. We will:

* require all primary school children to pass French GCSE before they can enter local secondary schools
* introduce compulsory cycling north of Goldhawk Road
* close all eating establishments near council facilities
* review primary and secondary schools for the third time in less than a year
* cut voluntary organisations that challenge any council decision
* enable property developers to build wherever they want
* move all police officers into the two most marginal wards
* introduce charging for home helps as we promised
* sell off any remaining community assets
* hold all cabinet meetings in secret to reduce noisy protests
* require all people over 65 to give up their rights to local services
* allow our parks to host dog fights, bear baiting, hunting and lap dancing
* award ourselves another 18% pay increase

"Our biggest success has been the secret budget which we didn't reveal before the 2006 council elections. We are now busy preparing our secret cuts for 2010.

"Finally I recommend that all residents read hfconwatch and http://thecowanreport.blogspot.com/ on a daily basis."

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