11 September 2007

From bad to worse for H&F schools

Parents and teachers in the borough are reeling from last night's Cabinet decision to close two local schools - Peterborough Primary and Gibbs Green Special School (see previous blogs).

When they have had a chance to read the review of Fulham secondary schools published last Friday, their worst fears for the future of local education will be confirmed.

The secondary school review - run by the Tory Baroness also responsible for the Conservatives' national policy review - proposes more asset stripping and privatisation.

Fulham Cross and Henry Compton Schools will 'merge' on one site creating a 'mixed-single sex school'! In doing so, one school will be closed creating another opportunity to sell off lucrative real estate in Fulham. Hurlingham & Chelsea School will survive provided it goes into private partnership with the French government - again.

William Morris Academy - an outstanding sixth form college - will be compromised by setting up small sixth forms in the remaining schools.

The report also recommends a further review of all the borough's schools, creating more uncertainty for every parent, pupil and teacher.

The Tory Cabinet will discuss its response to the review proposals at its next meeting on 8 October. The proposals will also be debated at the council meeting on 19 September.

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