29 August 2007

Watch this space - autumn cuts bonanza

It's business as usual at Tory Hammersmith & Fulham council. Not content with wrecking local schools (see previous blogs), many more cuts in local services have been lined up this autumn.

The voluntary sector will see the full brunt of recent cuts in grants from this October and more cuts are due shortly. A campaign meeting takes place on Thursday 6 September at 6.30pm at Shepherds Bush Village Hall, 58 Bulwer Street, W12. Further news is expected in the High Court on 26 September about the judicial review of the council's 60% cut in funding to the Law Centre.

Also coming soon from the council and in no particular order are:
- hikes in charges for vulnerable adults using social care following the council's backdown earlier this year and contrary to the Tories' manifesto
- cuts in adult education as a new year starts and the closure of the Munster Centre for budding cooks
- more cuts in local library services and higher fees already in place, for example if you want to use the computers in libraries
- privatisation of all the services for what was once a smarter borougher - refuse collection, street cleaning, grounds maintenance and so on - as the streets get dirtier and dirtier
- more cuts in services for older people and warden support in sheltered housing schemes
- new controversy over plans for changed use of Bishops Park

Not everything is getting cut. The Tory cabinet is soon to agree an increase in the fees for the consultants working on 'the civic accommodation project'. Now there's a surprise!

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