29 August 2007

Tories promise schools more of the same

Any hopes that Hammersmith & Fulham's Conservative council will turn over at least one new leaf this autumn have been swiftly dashed.

Already the Tories have sneaked out plans in the summer holidays to close more schools. Despite huge opposition during the consultation earlier this summer, the Tories are to go ahead with the closure of Peterborough Primary School in south Fulham.

The Tory cabinet can expect a barrage of protest from Peterborough parents and the local community when the decision is discussed on 10 September. To rub salt into parents' wounds, the council is talking to the French government no less about opening a new private school on the site following the closure of Peterborough in 2008.

A huge shake-up in special schools is also on the cards, with Gibbs Green school set to close.

All this sets the scene for the forthcoming report from the council's much vaunted Secondary Schools Commission. Due out shortly, the report is expected to recommend more cuts in local education in the south of the borough.

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