06 April 2017

Why not a squeak from Greg Hands about how business rates are harming local firms?

Businesses in Fulham - and in neighbouring Chelsea - are being hammered by a huge 22.8% average increase in business rates, according to the government's own leaked figures
These are rates set by the government and collected for the government by local councils.
Everyone from Hammersmith & Fulham Labour council to the Chelsea Society has urged Greg Hands, the Conservative MP for Chelsea & Fulham, to press the government not to destroy local business through the rates.

But they've drawn a blank.
Gallivanting Greg's Twitter feed is one long hymn of self-praise about his trips around the world as a trade minister. Yet when it comes to helping business on his own doorstep, he won't raise a squeak.

Just as he won't speak out against government plans to cut H&F schools' budgets, once again government man Greg Hands is staying silent and putting local people in second place to his career.

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