25 April 2012

Secretive Tory Hammersmith: Britain's least transparent council puts two fingers up to freedom of information

So the Hammersmith Tories and Boris look likely to push through the monstrous King Street development if Boris wins. One of the many grubby aspects of this shocking story is the Tories' desperate attempt to keep their plan secret.

How did Britain's self-proclaimed "most transparent council" do this? By exempting the minutes of the relevant meeting from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

If the document hadn't been leaked to Andy Slaughter MP, we would be none the wiser.

What weasels these Tories are.

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Margaret Spector said...

The same thing happened re demolition of Earls Court. How is it that these plans were pushed through even though there were many flaws. Most people weren't made aware that the venue was to be demolished and still don't know. Publications in H&F did nothing to inform the inhabitants and the Chronicle was taken out of circulation. A great cover up. Boris never keeps to his word.
'I want to maintain the capital's status as one of the great world cities for culture and creativity. My job is not to back heritage over modernism, nor to allow the destruction of much-loved old buildings. It is to encourage all manner of artistic expression, in the knowledge that culture is not just an add-on to the necessity of modern politics.'
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London"