01 March 2012

Hammersmith teenagers will benefit from Ken's plan to restore education allowance in London

One of the most short-sighted things the Tory-led government did when they took power was to end the education maintenance allowance (EMA), which helps teenagers from poorer backgrounds stay on at school.

The EMA offered every young person a chance to get ahead, no matter their background. It kept the dole queues down and gave the country a better-educated workforce. Sadly, that wasn't how axeman Michael Gove saw it.

Now Ken Livingstone has promised to restore the EMA in London if elected.

In a day dominated locally by news of Hammersmith Tories' cuts to services for women, children and young people, this is good news.

And well done to Hammersmith Labour's own James Mills, who leads the Save EMA campaign.

All we need to do now is kick Boris out. You can sign up to help the Ken campaign here.

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