09 February 2012

Déjà vu as Hammersmith Tories' favourite son Shaun Bailey fails to file his accounts on time

On this date last year Shaun Bailey, Hammersmith Tories' failed Parliamentary candidate and a Big Society ambassador for David Cameron, was nine days overdue with filing the accounts for his charity, My Generation. He finally filed them 17 days late.

Now we see that this year My Generation is again nine days late with its accounts (and counting). The charity has been late in filing in four out of the five years since Bailey set it up, according to the Charity Commission's website.

The HMRC website says, "You must pay the tax your charity owes on time. If you pay tax late, HMRC will charge you interest and you may also be charged a penalty." 

How much donors' money has Bailey wasted in this way?
Yet another inefficient Hammersmith Tory.

Tory favourite son's weak compliance history 
Source: Charity Commission

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Amy said...

Does filing your accounts late with the CC automatically mean you've not paid taxes and will get a fine from HMRC? As I understand it the two are independent, and there are no fines from the CC for late filing - just a warning that it may result in adverse publicity and may affect external financial support.
Not an excuse -