23 June 2011

People chasing jobs leaps by 90 per cent in Tory Hammersmith

There are almost twice as many people chasing every job vacancy in Hammersmith as this time last year, reports the Financial Times (see here: click London and then Hammersmith on the map).

Last June, a month after Labour left office, there were just 4.9 Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants in the Hammersmith constituency for every one vacancy advertised at Job Centres. This May, there are 9.3 claimants for every vacancy.

That's a staggering 90 per cent increase in the number of unemployed people in Hammersmith who are chasing every job vacancy. 

In Chelsea & Fulham, the increase is a whopping 60 per cent (4.9 people for every vacancy last June against 9.3 now).

What a tribute both to George Osborne's steering of the economy and of Hammersmith & Fulham Tory council's support for local business.

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