15 May 2011

Harry Phibbs humiliated as Toby Young deserts him and only 350 turn up at pro-cuts rally

Harry Phibbs, a senior H&F Tory councillor who is on record as saying the cuts don’t go far enough, has spent the last six weeks drumming up support for his pro-cuts rally in central London yesterday. Sadly for him, only 350 people turned up, compared with over 250,000 who rallied against the cuts in March.

Did Phibbs even bother to go, we wonder? His mate Toby Young, another pro-cuts head-banger, excused himself by saying he was at the launch of a pirates exhibition at the Museum of London, even though this isn't happening until next Wednesday: see here for details. 

Mind you, the museum – one of the country’s best – is itself facing cuts of £1 million. If they’d seen Tobes of Tobes Hall, perhaps they’d have made him walk the plank.

The 350 cutter-nutters are about the same number as the anarchist twerps who tried to disrupt the anti-cuts rally and who, like yesterday’s damp squib, got media coverage out of all proportion to their size.

UPDATE, 16 MAY, 13.30

It's more pathetic than we thought. There were actually only 150 people, not 350, at the pro-cuts rally, says Buddyhell: see his comment below and piece here.

Meanwhile, 8,000 disabled people and their supporters marched on Friday to express solidarity and anger about the cuts threatening disabled people's benefits, services, jobs and rights. See report here.

Let's hope Phibbs and his ilk have learnt something., They should hang their heads in shame.

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buddyhell said...

I don't know how they can stand there and tell us that there were 350 people there. I know what 350 people looks like and there was no more than 150. I reckon they were counting the passing tourists who wanted to see Westminster Abbey.