15 November 2010

Are local charities being kicked out to make Palingswick House a free school for kids outside the borough?

Dogma-driven H&F Tory Council looks set to hammer local charities and sacrifice local residents’ money on educating children from outside the borough. The council originally shamefully said it would kick out 23 charities that help local people from Palingswick House on King Street and sell the building to pay down debt rather than improve services.

Now rumours are flying that the Tories are about to give up any rental or sale income from the building and hand it over to Toby Young’s new free school. Toby says only “about half” of students will be H&F residents – in other words, half will come from outside H&F (see http://tinyurl.com/2wllgop). Why should local charities and residents pay for this?


Edmund said...

A lot of children attend schools in other boroughs since those schools are the closer than all of the schools in your own borough. All London boroughs respect this fact, since the rule is for the benefit of all children. Many Hammersmith kids go the Chiswick Community School and their education is provided by Hounslow. You're a NIMBY!

hfconwatch said...

Missing the point. If the Tories hand over the "free school" to Palingswick House, they will be giving up money from the building's continuing rental (or even sale) which would otherwise be spent on services for local residents. It's bad enough that the Tories could kick out local charities and give up any income in favour of an ideologically-driven school. That the school would then take half its kids from outside the borough would just add to the shame.