05 April 2010

Bristow set to return to chicken run

Following the news that Labour has selected an excellent local candidate for the parliamentary seat of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland to fight Tory H&F councillor Paul Bristow, all eyes are on Bristow's return to London.

Strangely Bristow doesn't mention that he's a H&F councillor on his Middlesbrough website, let alone the facts that he lives in H&F and gets paid for doing two jobs in the borough.

Bristow has also done the chicken run from his current ward, Fulham Reach, to stand in Ravenscourt Park on 6 May, presumably to protect his position on the council. The question remains about what he does as cabinet member for residents' services in H&F, apart from organising polo tournaments and standing in Middlesbrough.


Anonymous said...

Please keep Paul Bristow in Fulham, we have quite enough Tories of our own and we certainly do not want this one Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland.

Anonymous said...

Who knows what Bristow will do after the elections because he won't be elected in Middlesbrough and he's opted out of H&F.