28 October 2007

hfconwatch awards mark blogging century

Thanks to the inspiration of the Tory council in Hammersmith & Fulham and its many cuts, blunders and misdemeanours, hfconwatch is celebrating its first anniversary and 100 blogs with its inaugural annual awards.

These are awarded to the Tory councillors (and their friends) who have created the biggest impressions in the last year:

The Giant Haystacks award: this is not to the council's esteemed leader but to Cllr Paul Bristow for his efforts to host wrestling contests in the borough's parks

George W Bush Statesman of the Year award: to Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh for his powerpoint state of the borough address

The Less for More award: to Cllr Nick 'secret budget' Botterill for introducing new and higher fees and charges for council services

The Prime Cuts award: to Cllr Antony Lillis for selflessly putting cuts in local services before his career

The Half Cut award: to Cllr Antony Lillis for not introducing charges for home care yet...

Services to the Voluntary Sector award: surprisingly not to Cllr Antony Lillis, but to Shaun Bailey for creating new charities

The New Tory award: also goes to Shaun Bailey

The Secret Policeman's Bill award: to Cllr Greg Smith for his plans to pay for 24/7 policing

The Anything Goes award: to Cllr Mark Loveday for his approach to new developments in Hammersmith

French Lessons award: to Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh for making H&F known as Hammersmith et Fromage

The Headteachers' award: to the Fulham Schools Commission for the proposal to create 'a merged single sex school' on one site

Salesman of the Year award: to Cllr Mark Loveday for shamelessly flogging off many of the borough's historic assets

The Nasty Niche PR award: to Cllr Paul Bristow for drawing residents' attention to grotspots

The Best Excuse award: to Greg Hands MP for taking a fortnight to come up with hide and seek in the French countryside. Runners up to the Tory group for 'it was an administrative error'

The I Have a Good Lawyer award: to Greg Hands MP

Le Gateau Chocolat award: to all Tory councillors for not only having their cake but eating it by awarding themselves an 18% pay rise while cutting local services by £34 million.

Many thanks to readers of this blog for their contributions. Many more blogs to follow...

1 comment:

M Turmaine said...

An excellent set of awards! Can I make a request for another one: 'The Wee Hours Ghost of Regret Award', which can be awarded to anyone who voted Tory in May 2006 under the illusion that they and their community would be better off - financially or otherwise - and who surely lays awake at night now, wondering how they could have brought on such cuts, fear, desperation and regret to Hammersmith and Fulham. And their own bank balance.