09 January 2007

January sales: 3% off ain't much of a bargain

Watch out. Mr Blobby is waving a placard. Not to save the whale. But to announce the council's plans to cut council tax by 3%.

Hammersmith & Fulham residents are not exactly going crazy with excitement. Having been promised cuts in council tax to Wandsworth levels at the local elections last May, they are now underwhelmed by the offer of a mere 3% cut. Even the previous Labour council was planning a real cut in council tax in the coming years!

But on top of a pathetic 3%, the Tories are axeing public services to pay for their derisory cut. If you're elderly or disabled and need home helps or meals on wheels, then watch out. If you need decent schools or childcare in Hammersmith & Fulham, then watch out. And if you want more police, then make sure local businesses cough up the money.

And guess what, Conservative councillors are yet again attacking the Mayor of London as they try to disguise their own failures. Rather than spending council tax on party political propaganda, they should get their own house in order.

Or perhaps it's all part of a secret campaign to elect Greg Hands as the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London. But if 3% is all they can manage while wrecking local services and doing hundreds of local people out of jobs, Greg and his gang will soon get their come uppance.

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